Business Buddy

I believe that anybody can start a business online. Anyone and anywhere as long as they have a computer and the internet. Young, old, man or woman it doesn't matter. Don't have a degree? Don't need one, neither a whole lot of money to your startup. How?

Starting your Business online?

The what, how and why...

What you do need is to understand yourself, look into yourself and be you. What are your experiences? What do you love to do, what is your passion?

Now take that THING of yours and make it of value to other people, how? Well niche yourself into an area that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and start to work. Choose your niche so that you can't wait to share your insights with the world. Do not pick your niche thinking what other people want, first be you. Doing this not only gives you the joy and freedom to do what you love every day, but it also gives you credibility, this is your game, your truth!!

Why Internet? The freedom of being anywhere and do anything to serve anyone is really something greater than people think. You have the freedom to Travel, be with family, live remote, have less formal education, have no CV:-)!! From now on you will be your own boss, make your own work hours, be where you need to be and want to be.

Is it that easy to make money online?

No absolutely not, you will have to put in all of you, your soul your time and effort. You will have to believe, persist and don't give up no matter what! You will have to learn new ways to express and you will have to overcome your fear of failure.

You will on the other hand do what you love, feel alive and passionate about your work. See yourself walking around smiling for no particular reason., even if you don't make money! Crazy? Yes, !! Yet so fantastic and fulfilling doing something you love every day!!!

So how? Creating a niched area of knowledge where you are the expert and clients that have the same interested will find each other. You actually become a problem solver to people’s issues about the specific area. You will know what they need to solve their problems and questions and you will feel happy to help!

The primary thing in this whole mind puzzle I am laying out is that it is crucial you start your business by being YOU the whole idea can't primary be about money. If you start your company with only money in mind, you probably FAIL!! Why? Because eventually you won’t feel happy doing long hours, you don't feel passionate about the things you are doing, and your customers will feel it. People are not stupid they know when you are real!!!

Of course, we all need money to get around that's what gives us certain freedom and certainties in life. So yeah do it for the money as well but it shouldn't be the main idea behind your business. Keep your business being about helping others, about providing value and the money will come as a byproduct of that choice.

This is an example of how my "business buddy" session works!! Did you enjoy this kind of thinking feel free to join my inspirational business page on Facebook or write me your story by clickin the button down below, thank you and take care, be productive be you!! LOVE!!

  • Find your niche
  • Do what you love
  • Provide value
  • Stay true
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