Different Marketing tools

 When you are marketing your service or product on the internet you are not in direct contact with your clients. This is really something to consider, who are your target group? What kind of people would like what you have to offer? Where on the internet do your potentional buyers hang out?

And finally how will you reach them?

  • Video Marketing
    Pictures & Videos
    • Video Marketing to reach more customers
      By recording videos about your service or product more people will be reached. Studies show that people are more likely to klick on an ad containing a picture or a video.

      There is so much information out there so people simply want that quick overlook on what you have to offer since they are daily overwhelmed with information to choose from.

      People are also more likely to by a product if they see a video presentation about it first.

      There are several ways to record and share videos nowadays, smartphones, Vimeo or Youtube. There are different  apps to download for free or programs like Filmora (the one I use my self).

      There are also complete platforms out there that provide all in one tool for less technical persons or companies that need to produce much information in a small amount of time.
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  • Video showroom
  • E-mail Marketing
    List building
    • The virtual time saver

      So here is the wonderful thing about doing business online cause once you have this mail contact with people interested in your brand you can automate the process of giving value and provide problem solutions to your clients on the list you build up by reaching them with your blogs, pictures or videos.

      By using an autoresponder, a program that helps you to invite, manage and response to your list of clients to be even more effective. By pre-programing information and automate follow-up e-mails.It saves you a lot of that valuable time that a physical shop in the real world would take away from you. Instead you can keep on building your brand and develop something greater while spending your time doing what you love. I use Aweber but there are others like Fluttermail or Mailchimp,you have to figure out which one suits you, they usually provide a free 30 day test period.

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