Don´t let your guards down 

Persist no matter what and reinvest!

To let your guard down to soon is a way to settle for less and get comfortable to fast.

As soon as your first success is reality don´t see it as you have finished the mission, no.

See it as you have just started and ad more, more value for the customer.

See it as a start in the right direction and make sure there are many paths to take.

If a certain audience have interest in your area of production, then the possibility

of them liking similar or compatible products is high.

To reinvest a big part of your earnings is absolutely critical to be successful

even in the future otherwise you just have one of those come and go product

that never hit´s the market again. It is also much harder to invent a totally new product

and also a waist of an already working concept.

So, renew yourself in time to keep the audience hunger for news stilled

and your place on the market continuous.