The way to self education

Do I know myself?

Do I know who I really am? We are quite often impulsive in our actions and sometimes we act before we think. That gives us an everyday pattern of things just randomly happening. There’s also an opposite side of this and that is the things we plan for the long run, for example let´s say an education we picked to get us somewhere in life.

The problem is that we often pick this long runner based on the prementioned impulsive quick fixes we have, and after a while you get to that feeling, why am I doing this? It’s not my thing, it’s boring, it surely doesn’t fit my character and it’s not fulfilling. So why do we get ourselves into this position? Sometimes over and over?

We are learned from childhood that you should grow up into a doctor or lawyer or whatever predicted well paid area you can think of. That system is based on presenting us the possible future we can get if we study hard. What the system misses is that we are not all suited for this role and only because my family will be proud of me if I do become a doctor it doesn’t guarantee I will feel fulfilled or even like what I do. So, what to do then if you feel your outside the pre-niched and classical professions? Still feel you have got something big to give to the world something to share but can´t get your mind on explaining what it is, maybe not even to yourself?