E-mail as a tool?

There are many ways to reach your future customers on the internet. whether you provide a service or a product you still must construct a “meeting” place online. When working in the Physical world we usually have a shop or an office where our clients can come and see what we offer. On the internet however, there are several ways to make this encounter happen.

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Helping or selling?

First of all, when starting a business, you cannot construct a website and then wait for people to come and see you, that is like opening a store in the middle of nowhere. You must act like you have invented something brand new that people haven’t even herd about, and don’t know how it can help them in life.

If you keep this thought of your product or service, that it is about helping others you are more likely to reach your right audience than if you focus on how to sell. When talking, writing or filming the focus should be about how your product can bring value to people.

Promote your brand

To build a website as a platform is of course a natural step on the way of making your brand visible. The tools you can use to now let people come and see what you have to offer the world are many. Thru bloggs like this one you can choose to wright the information, keep in mind though that not everyone are dedicated readers especially not when they are surfing on the internet. Maybe you don’t feel you can express yourself in words? No worries studies show that people are more likely to klick on pictures, infographics or videos. Since this is a quicker and more relaxed way to receive a lot of information but in a short time.

Now that you are visible out there you must interact with people to let them get to know your brand closer. What ideas are behind your business, what do you really sell and how can it help others?

To be able to communicate these thoughts and values to others you usually must “meet” several times. Not many people buy something if they only get a glance at it, they have to take a while and consider if they are willing or in need of your offer. To maintain a good contact during this mind process where people actually build trust in you. E-mailing is a way of keeping in touch and getting to know your brand better, that of course makes the probability of someone actually buying something from you higher.

The virtual time saver

So here is the wonderful thing about doing business online cause once you have this mail contact with people interested in your brand you can automate the process of giving value and provide problem solutions to your clients on the list you build up by reaching them with your blogs, pictures or videos.

By using an autoresponder, a program that helps you to invite, manage and response to your list of clients to be even more effective. By pre-programing information and automate follow-up e-mails. It saves you a lot of that valuable time that a physical shop in the real world would take away from you. Instead you can keep on building your brand and develop something greater while spending your time doing what you love. I use Aweber but there are others like Fluttermail or Mailchimp,you have to figure out which one suits you, they usually provide a free 30 day test period.

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