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Small business owners possess the flexibility and freedom to make their own decisions, it also means they have all the responsibility to be productive and innovative.

Low sales (result of poor marketing) is one of the major reasons of small business failure. Owners typically find themselves strapped for time to do marketing, as they must run the day-to-day aspects of the business...

This is where we want to help, inform and maximize low cost marketing for already stressed business owners. Today’s technology enables people to build a brand of their own like never before. With some strategic planning and help it is possible to get out there and find some new customers that will help your business grow.

If you feel you are stressed out and need a fresh start or maybe you know a small business that needs a digital platform, message for more info and we will give you a free marketing consultation and a plan, to make you a part of the digital marketplace.

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Business Makeover
Are you visible out there?
The digital economy is still on the uprise don´t miss out on riding the wave!

 Sometimes we need a change, a new way of working and appearing to others but also for ourselves. When working all day long it can be hard to be this objective and find the time or energy to change anything, especially if business is going bad. Now in our personal life we can go get a new haircut or buy new outfits to make us feel new, but how about our businesses? A bit harder, well it doesn´t have to be…

Bringing in your business buddy is to temporally invite someone from the outside to join your work team.
It can be a real boost and a well needed refreshment both for the business but also for your vison making as well. To get new ideas and to be recognized and reminded that what you are doing is great and of value to people. Now think about it, singers, dancers, artist and athletes usually have a personal coach to help them focus their talent and energy to preform top results.

So why are so many trying to succeed in business all by themselves? I offer a service where I join your team temporally, together we will find new ideas to improve, remake and lift you’re A-game to the business niche your in. You will reach new goals and also get some time to self reflect and share the fantastic work you are already doing. I am your business buddy online… Do you find this interesting and do you whish to know more ? take your time and write me,,,tell me about you and your business I will be happy to look at your problem and help you to get new ideas.

Need to Find out where to start?

Having trouble to take the next step forward? It doesn´t matter if you sell a product or a service we all sometimes get to that feeling of a dead end point in our lives. 

Maybe your just starting a new business? In that case please take a look at what my mentor Stuart has to say. He really got me started and informed me of the possibilities that a new bussines online gives you? Eather way that one rule applies to us all and that´s that you can´t go that step forward if you don´t know where your going. 

Listen to Stuart here

Finding out where you stand

To succeed in any step that you decide for yourself, your company or product to go, you have to precise where you are right now.

After really looking at the foundations of your business and starting point you can proceed and make the decisions that will plunge you at the right direction.

Make a plan

Once you have your foundations clear you can move on and make a blueprint for your sucess and growth. By planing bit by bit of your next move you will be able to control your own outcome and work to achive your future goals a litlle step at a time. Still not clear on how to proceed?

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There are many ways to reach your future customers on the internet. whether you provide a service or a product you still must construct a “meeting” place online. When working in the Physical world we usually have a shop or an office where our clients can come and see what we offer. On the internet however, there are several ways to make this encounter happen...


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Free Plugins & More

Here you can download and try different plugins to make your business even more effective...


Make your YouTube videos fully customized to fit in with your site with this free and easy to use
WordPress plugin

Easily style your YouTube videos. Add custom backgrounds, borders, change the title colors, and adjust margins. You can also add title text and change the player fonts, all while checking it out on the live preview

The Simplest And Fastest Lead Capture Page Publishing Platform!

Quickly turn your next idea into a live and ready-to-market lead capture page in just a few minutes with SimpleLeadCapture.

We have developed a frighteningly simple, yet highly professional point and click lead capture page and thank you/download page builder, so you can create, edit and publish your next superior lead page without any time consuming coding or design work required!

Free Webinar!!

Proven Steps For Running A Profitable Online Business Join Stuart Ross as he reveals his strategies for profiting online and growing your income with a business you are passionate about ... (business models and concepts that very FEW people know about)...
Get your FREE spot today, and get a "crash course" on profiting online with our proven out-of-the-box Digital Business System (even if this is all new to you). 



Look at our step by step checklist and feel free to contact us for a consultation where we discuss your vision and 

do some serious brainstorming to help you grow. Thinking about going international? Why not, knowledge is power and

experience i shareabel. We have the posibility to expand your services or product to Sweden,Czech republic and also Slovak republic, It´s up to you.

What platform will you use to reach your targetet audience? Social media, Websites, ads and emails? Maybe record a video and publish on You Tube, the options are many and it´s only for you to decide...

Checklist down below...



What are you really selling? 



Who are you trying to reach?



How do you want to get there?


Which tools will you use?

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